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Apostolis Bacalis (Forte Lab NYC) – Athlete / Trainer / Owner

What is HYROX?

We are proud to announce our HYROX Gym Partnership. We know some of you may not know much about it, so here’s is a brief overview. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom or the page and check our blog often as we will be sharing our journey with you and getting into the details of what it is, why we are proud to be a partner and what we are looking forward to.


HYROX is a fitness competition that involves racing in a circuit of eight different exercises for eight kilometers. The competition has gained popularity in recent years, with over 90,000 athletes and 50,000 spectators participating in over 40 global races in 2023.


It allows individuals of all fitness levels to participate and provides a unique challenge, combining endurance and strength training. The race consists of eight exercises such as running, rowing, and kettlebell swings, completed in alternating order. Each station has a duration of one minute and participants must run the entire race without stopping.


The competition’s popularity stems from its unique challenge, accessibility, and community element. Participants can race alongside individuals of all levels and backgrounds, providing a chance to compete with like-minded individuals. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a platform for individuals to improve their fitness levels while being part of a supportive community.


Overall, HYROX is a challenging and exciting fitness competition that is appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels. If you are looking to participate in a unique fitness challenge, it may be the right competition for you.

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